High-Rise Window Cleaning

SAS Window Cleaning Perth have our own in-house abseil (rope-access) cleaning crew. We are unlike some cleaning companies out there who sub-contract these works to third party contractors, with us you can be sure of quality service and competitive pricing dealing directly with SAS. This is important for quite a number of reasons. If there are unexpected issues on your building not related to our cleaning, it is important that you can get a hold of a direct contact and not find out that you can’t contact a 3rd party at a critical time. 

Anchor testing: Our in-house rope access crew are equipped and qualified to inspect and test all your rooftop anchor bolts and systems. This ensures maximum safety and minimal fuss dealing with third-party inspectors on your next clean.

Our safety record is impeccable, and our crew are qualified and experienced in Rope-Access. All our rope-access jobs are planned prior to work commencement to ensure a safe and incident-free cleaning service. Our Safe Working Method Statement and Job Safety Analysis documents are site specific, and completed before commencing each new job.

We work in a high risk industry, and are absolutely committed to ensuring a safe work place, minimal disruption and risk to building residents and passing traffic. We are qualified, experienced and compliant with the latest AS/NZS 4488 working at heights legislation, work methods and requirements. Working at heights need special types of people who are fearless and love working from the side of a building. It is certainly the case that our team love what they do and it shows in the work quality and the commitment to our clients. They are all hyper-focused on safety not only of our crew but anyone in and around the job and given the effort involved in cleaning exterior windows on a building, they ensure that the windows are cleaned perfectly.

I just want to remind you that we are the only window cleaning company (that we know of)  that has built an interactive online quote system that can be accessed 24 hours per day and supplies within minutes a quote. You of course can call us if you have questions. 

Choose the commercial link and find out how service focused on you works. Online Quote Form

One of the growing areas that need cleaning are solar panels. Companies have a greater commitment to renewable energy and to ensure that their building costs are reduced, taking full advantage of the available roof space on their building. It is not often appreciated how dirty solar panels can significantly reduce their ability to generate energy. Having a regular solar panel maintenance schedule is highly desirable to get the efficiency from a large capital investment such as an array of solar panels.

Our crew are up to the challenge, and are keen to take on your high-rise window cleaning and solar panel cleaning!


Our partner company, Special Access Services, are happy to help you with all your maintenance needs including –