Commercial Window Cleaning

First impressions count. Our commercial window cleaning service can bring the shine back to your business. We’ll clean your windows professionally, so that you and your customers can enjoy crystal-clear views.

SAS Window Cleaning services a large number of different commercial properties including shops, offices, schools, warehouses, hotels, high rise office buildings and hospitals.

We provide this service on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or six-monthly schedule to ensure customers see their business at its very best. If required we provide service outside of normal business hours, so as not to inconvenience you or your customers.

The SAS Window Cleaning team is fully trained and equipped to safely clean your commercial property, regardless of its size. We send the team that’s right for your building.
SAS will prepare a written Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) in accordance with current statutory requirements. Once that is in place we can start planning your commercial window cleaning.

Every type of cleaning has its own logistical challenges that need to be identified and resolved. For example buildings in the city may need the footpath or a side lane or part of a road to be cordoned off. This will require consultation with the council as times will be restricted due to disrupting the local traffic. This isn’t always the case as it depends on the building and the access and the area that needs commercial window  cleaning. You can see from the images above how many types of windows need cleaning commercially. This can range from a ground floor cafe with french windows, victorian windows, modern flat glass exterior and interior cleaning and recessed cleaning with square sills. 

The best part about using SAS Window cleaning is that SAS Window Cleaning staff are fully insured for Public Liability and have Work Cover insurance. All our Window Cleaners hold Work Safe occupational health and safety construction induction cards & Working at Height Cards to show they have been trained in all aspects of on-the-job safety. The staff actually love doing commercial window cleaning. Where most people are petrified of heights, our crew love it and thrive on it. I know it is unusual in today’s world to love your job but our team actually do and it is a happy band of people who genuinely care about doing a professional job.

We have also created a very convenient online quoting system, that takes into account the number of floors, window types, exterior and/or interior windows and the number needed. Without needing an appointment or a phone call, you can go straight to our quote page and within minutes you can make a decision.  Instant Online Quote

We are more than happy to accommodate other needs within your commercial property. Our other additional services include: