Home Window Cleaning

The windows in your home are a connection to the outside world. They offer incredible views, whether that be of the kids playing in the backyard, Australia’s breathtaking beaches, or the stunning Perth skyline.

Don’t let the beauty of your view be ruined by dirty streaks or smudges on your windows. You’ll be astounded by how a clean window can brighten any room, and how your home will transform into an oasis.

We love cleaning glass!

Our crew will use the right products and techniques to return your glass to its sparkling glory!
We ensure all our glass cleaners are trained, equipped and knowledgeable in the art of glass cleaning.
You can expect a courteous, punctual and uniformed SAS crew at your next job, and we will leave your property sparkling and cleaned to your satisfaction.

But we don’t just stop at the window clean, we ensure that the frames are wiped clean, and all cobwebs are removed from the surrounding frames and eaves too. that is just part of our service.

A standard residential window cleaning includes:

  • All windows cleaned (both the interior and exterior)
  • Window sills wiped
  • Window frames cleaned
  • Wiping of fly screens
  • Cobweb removal around frames
  • Sliding glass doors

Our crew are enthusiastic and committed to the window cleaning industry. Even though they may be doing a domestic window clean, all the staff also work on commercial and high rise cleaning jobs which require training and certification as a company and individually. You get a quality job every time guaranteed.  If you want to have your windows cleaned on a regular basis we have a scheduled clean plan. Basically we agree with you how often you want the house cleaned and what you wish to be cleaned. We schedule in agreed times and we turn up each and every time without you needing to remember to book the next job. For people with a busy life this is a great service that takes one more thing to do, off the list.

Also remember that we don’t just clean windows. We also can clean all your internal mirrors. We clean glass balustrades around stairs and landing areas as well.  We are also specialists at cleaning glass pool fencing which can build up grime and stains over time. Many well meaning home owners can use the wrong chemicals and scar the glass pool fencing permanently. This is a very costly exercise if it needs to be replaced or worse still if you can’t afford to replace it, then you have to live with a permanently stained glass fence. Whatever house related cleaning need that involves glass, we can help you. Scheduled or one off clean, it’s your call!

We have the crew, the expertise, the attitude and the professionalism to make your life easier.

We are more than happy to accommodate other needs within your home. Our other additional services include: