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Glass Canopy Cleaning

Glass canopy and glass awning cleaning are often in difficult to get to areas of a building. They are also often curved and in areas that require high rise lifts or full rope access and skilled and certified staff and processes.

Glass canopies are as the name implies, a covered area of glass generally aesthetically designed to add to the style and vision of the buildings. The layout of these canopies is often in sail shape configurations and is not the normal simple flat surfaces. No matter what the shape or difficulty we are here to help.
We can help with your awning and glass canopy cleaning.

SAS Window Cleaning are difficult access experts and can be trusted to arrange access to these difficult areas and quality cleaning of these weathered surfaces.

As always, we ensure top safety practices, minimum disruption to your buildings occupants, and best possible results. Our high rise window cleaning page will give you the basics of how the “at heights ” cleaning work is organised.