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Solar Panel Cleaning- High Rise, Commercial & Residential

Keeping your Solar Panels clean from dirt, bird poo and other debris will help insure that your solar panels are not losing anywhere from 10% – 30% in output power capacity!

This is real money that is being lost when solar panels do not perform to 100% capacity. With increasing power bills the ROI on regular cleaning will become evident to the smart business or home owner trying to maximise their solar panel return.

It’s important to have your solar panels cleaned with DI water so that you don’t have hard water build up on your panels. Leaving dirt on your panels for long periods of time will allow minerals from the dirt to set into the glass thus reducing your power output.

If you wish to discuss your solar panel maintenance requirements call us. We can automate the process so that you are on scheduled solar panel clean without you needing to remember it.

It is recommended that you have your solar panels cleaned every six months or bare minimum once a year. Protect your investment and maintain your power capacity.

Contact SAS and ensure your solar panels are working to maximum efficiency.