Stain Removal Commercial & Residential

There are many common stains that need removal on residential and commercial buildings. We spent countless years of service removing stains that seem unable to be removed from glass. This includes hard-water, bore-water, reticulation, aluminium oxidisation, concrete leaching, paint and more.

Bore water is common across the Perth metropolitan area. Bore water stains are also evident across the metropolitan area on buildings, walls, structures, facias and garden elements. This can bring down the value of your building. We can remove stains from windows only.

In regard to hard water , it is water that contains salts of calcium and magnesium principally as chlorides, bicarbonates and sulfates. This makes the glass seem grimy and requires specialist treatment.

Aluminium oxidisation is caused generally by the frame of windows breaking down and staining the window which requires special techniques and agents to remove successfully.

Concrete leaching generally dissolves the lime in the concrete and covers the window in a smeared concrete pattern. On buildings with concrete cancer the steel reinforcements may also leach a rust stain.

Commonly paint is removed due to a poor job by the owner of a building or tradesmen who haven’t taken the time to properly clean affect their work.

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