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Mirror Cleaning Commercial & Residential

When you think of mirror cleaning it can take the form of a simple sideboard or sliding wardrobe doors. As techniques and styles have progressed and mirrors are being used in unique and varied ways, the surface areas being covered are changing all the time. 

Many people are using windows as a way of reflecting light internally and give their home a more spacious feeling. Mirrors are being used in ways in residential homes that years ago were never thought of or in common use. 

Commercial buildings have been using it in more creative ways and they use mirrors to create that feeling of space and simplicity. This means that sometimes thousands of square metres of mirrors need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is where scheduled maintenance and regular mirror cleaning scheduling is needed to ensure the look and the feel of the building is kept up to date.  

By creating a schedule of cleaning, it relieves the owner from having to co-ordinate and project manage the building and a variety of contractors, especially where mirrors are in stairwells and require high rise lifts and working at heights certification. Commercial buildings can present legal risks when cleaning if professional and height certified suppliers are not used and it may negate any insurance claims if something goes wrong. SAS are fully insured.

See our high rise cleaning services particulars for specific information.

Whether you have a set of glass occasional tables or a hall full of mirrors or a full commercial building, our SAS team can keep them dust and streak-free. When you use SAS, you’ll be amazed at just how clear everything becomes!

You can be assured when it comes to mirror cleaning, we have the staff, processes, materials and certifications to do the job right first time every time.