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Water Fed Pole Pure Water Window Cleaning

Keeping windows clean is an ongoing issue for many commercial buildings with lots of windows that are the first thing that visitors see. Keeping track of the cleaning and maintenance of these windows can be problematic without a schedule of window cleaning.
One of the methods used for cleaning windows is water fed pole pure water cleaning. It sounds complicated! See the image above to better understand this process. Where working at heights equipment is used, we have the necessary items on hand to ensure it is done safely and compliance with relevant laws.   

Water Fed Pole Pure Water Window Cleaning uses 100% pure water which is fed through an extension pole with an attached brush head. The glass dries naturally, streak-free, as all water impurities and minerals are filtered out prior to washing. The technique is an effective method for eliminating stains and excessive dust build-up from windows. It is also a recommended cleaning solution for hard to reach windows, located up to the fourth floor.

If you need further explanation of how this method works or you need to discuss anything with us please call the office on 08 6162 9718 or get an instant online quote.

In addition, our high-rise window cleaning experts can be booked for servicing multi-story buildings, where safety equipment and abseiling gear is employed. Our cleaning professionals are carefully vetted and comprehensively insured, hence they undertake each job with the confidence of a pro. It is a common characteristic of our cleaning professionals that they enjoy working at heights whereas the majority of the population are generally fearful of heights.