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Glass Pool Fence Cleaning

Glass pool fences are growing in popularity as an elegant safety barrier that allows you to maintain clear views of your backyard. Across Perth and most major cities across Australia they are being used for a range of purposes.
Safety- Clear Glass Pool Fencing is superior to standard solid pool fencing in that it allows you at all times to see into the pool. This is especially important when you have young children or elderly parents.Tube fencing does allow a degree of transparency but depending on the angle can inhibit observation of people in the pool.

Keeping the glass pool fence clean from chemicals, bore water or hard water with potentially corrosive materials is important for the life of the pool fence. It is also important to keep the glass clean for aesthetic reasons and for re-sale should you wish to move.

To ensure that everything is in order, we recommend cleaning the glass panels regularly to extend the life span of your fence and keep it looking like new. We can set up an automated cleaning and maintenance program so that you don’t need to remember when cleaning is due. If this sounds like a good solution then call SAS Window Cleaning and let us keep your pool fence asset in order.