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Glass Cleaning Commercial & Residential

Glass comes in all forms and places in today’s architecture. Façade panels, canopies, architectural features and balustrades.

We have vast experience in accessing and cleaning all types of building surfaces, and will achieve the best possible result affordably, and with minimal disruption and inconvenience to your property users. If you have any specialty glass surfaces that need to be cleaned just call us and we will respond ASAP.

Glass cleaning includes splash-backs with built on grime, wall and ceiling mirrors, glass panels used to break up wall panels. Pretty much anything glass related we will clean and bring back to its near original look. Many offices have divider panels between workstations as well as boardroom glass panelling. We have the experience and the knowledge to assess and clean any surface with the right technique and processes and cleaning liquids. Whether commercial or residential we can help.

Try our instant online quote estimator for some ideas of pricing, or give us a call for obligation free, on-site quotation or consultation.