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Glass Balustrade Cleaning Commercial & Residential

Perth’s sunny weather and lifestyle lead to many pool surrounds using glass balustrading or glass fencing as it is called. These glass perimeter fences look fantastic when clean and really add to a property’s value and visual appeal.
Externally these glass surfaces can easily attach to dirt and be discoloured by bores and hard water. 

Internally glass balustrades are traditionally used around staircases and as dividers to rooms and to accentuate the visual appeal of a building and to allow light to transfer through various sections of the house.

Glass balustrades offer excellent views in daylight and allow light to easily flow from one area to another. These frameless glass structures can look stunning in homes ad around pools when clean. However, when used on a deck or balcony, views could be hindered at night due to reflection so regular cleaning Is recommended. 

To schedule in regular glass balustrade cleaning on a 6  or 12 month basis to avoid the hassle of keeping track of it, contact  SAS Window Cleaning and let us make it easy for you.