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Glass Balcony Cleaning

Everywhere you look these days there are apartment after apartment with glass balconies as well as many 2 storey luxury buildings with views that are building with glass balconies. That all sounds great but they also need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure they are looking their best and reflect the original look and feel of the building.

Outdoor living spaces such as balconies are wonderful for luxuriating but only when they’re clean!
Thanks to hot & windy Perth weather, they commonly accumulate salt, soot and sand. Ground floor balconies also can be affected by bore water from the garden. Add these potential issues together and you can see why regular cleaning is needed.

We use professional equipment to remove the grime and bring your outdoor enjoyment back to life. Most clients don’t want the hassle of remembering how often to clean their glass balcony fencing, so we created a regular maintenance program that we agree with our our customers. We simply clean your balcony on a regular basis so that you know your property is being maintained without any effort on your part.